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tied him up right…

…and killing him with kindness?  Took me a minute to figure out what Mark is doing in the second panel…  applying baking soda to the wasp stings…  what if Jeff was allergic?  He’d be dead by now for sure and the mystery of the artifacts would have gone to the grave with him…


But Really Jeff, I mean, what is your problem??  Was your father a crook and you are taking up the family business?  Are you just a jerk by nature?

By now we certainly have to wonder what the others are doing…  just sitting around eating flapjacks with homemade syrup?  Is Jared waiting dutifully at some pre-determined rendezvous point, only to think that Jeffy-poo has double crossed him and is now living the Life of Riley with all the money he got for the artifacts??

What role does Mr. Bear play in this Greek Tragedy?  Only in the Trailverse…


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