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Landmarks, Mark. Landmarks.

Cutter’s Bluff… you never looked so good!  Is it me, or does it look like Mark is about to break into song??   Meanwhile back at the flat tired Jeep, Cherry and Dusty (but not Rusty) are just as worried as can be!!  And there’s Mark all slinged-up and sauntering.  Yes, SAUNTERING through a “rye field…”  If a body catch a body comin’ through the rye…  Holden Caulfield, where are you??


Sorry gang, a little delirious today.  Brain firing in random sequences.  Not to dwell on Mark’s bare bodkin, but seriously.  We haven’t seen this much flesh in all the years leading up to this moment…

Offered thought:  “Does Mark have a Total Gym at home?  Does he know Chuck Norris or Christie Brinkley??”

And finally from the Comics Curmudgeon:  “Mark Trail is in newspapers everywhere walking around with no shirt on, which seems like it should be at least as big a news story as this missing plane thing.”


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