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Well! Look who’s talking!

Survived the crash?  How about kidnapped by the poachers?  Boy, Mark, for a writer you can be awfully dense…  lovable, but dense.  Funny you didn’t RUN INTO HIM while you were out gallivanting in the bush… like two ships, apparently.  And Yes, Boys and Girls, don’t even THINK of heading to Africa unless you are accompanied by a man with a red whistle hanging around his neck- that tells you that he has been through training and holds the highest level of White-Client-Protection skills… Even though, as we saw, it was Mark that did all the protecting…


So this is where it ends?  You have no questions for Jacob Hickman?  The object of your story?  No background, no point of view?  No “and what do you do now to save the Rhino?”   I suppose that James Allen wants to wrap this story up.  I can’t blame him… It was June 7th when Editor Bill Ellis called Mark to tell him he was going to AFRICA!  That’s over 90 days and a good 30 days past the usual story time- the usual Meant Time to Lost Forest (MTTLF) is around 60…


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