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Sooo… is Taurus also in your “Outfit?”

Sorry to fixate on the red whistle, but there it is again…  and if Kaden is in “Club Jacob” then so must be Taurus?  Based on his outfit and how it is accessorized?  Well, it’s a good thing that Jacob is skilled in the ways of the wilderness…  but a “survivalist?”  Does that mean he’s a “Prepper,” one who has dug himself a bunker and stored in it all manner of non-perishable foods?  Cigars and Whiskey?  A gun to keep out those who “didn’t believe?”


“So yes… before I devoted my life to the Rhinos’ plight, I was Stateside selling used cars… and realized that my life was a sham- every car I sold had a history that I couldn’t bring myself to tell my customers, for if they knew, they would never buy…  I was good at it- too good!  So with a fat bank account and a deficit in my Karmic balance, I struck out and stumbled on the worthiest and most selfless cause I could find… The White Rhino…”


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