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And that’s that…

Good thing, too.  We’ve been on the Great Dismal through quite a few moon phases and as much as I love a good eco-mystery (wait, is there any other kind here??) it’s time to move on.  So yes, Honey, Baby, blechhh…  thank you for saving my ass, again, what would I do without you?

I can hardly wait to see the next story where we bring the entire trail brood along- Rusty included just to see what trouble we can find!


And I wouldn’t turn your back on him, Mark…  save the honey-ka-fuddling for later, you have two baddies on board and unless they are tied up, they are not going to just lay down… Oh wait, that’s right.  This is the Trailverse.  When bad guys get hooked, they lay flat like a halibut…  And Justin…  Where’s Justin?  He was about as useful as a brick to a drowning man.  Watch him emerge and pick up where Mitchum left off…  that would be AWESOME…

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