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What Th–??

OK, this doesn’t even make sense…  “A Bow and Arrows??” on a boat?  Just propped up in the corner like that?  How about a rope?  There’s usually plenty of that on board…  or is it a tie-back to the very brief encounter with Mitch, the fellow who came by to engage in a little “Target Practice???”  And good Lord, she’d have to be as fast as Oliver Queen in order to pick up said bow, notch an arrow, draw, aim and fire…  all in one fluid motion…


And apparently a pretty good shot if indeed she only meant to wing him and not to impale…  But a glancing blow like that?? Would that really elicit the howl that Mitchum is emitting?  Whatever.  This is just silly.  Still it IS Cherry to the rescue.  A meme in the making if ever I saw one…

Cherry Bow 4

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