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And by “shady deal” you mean… what?

As far as we can tell from the dialogue, pithy as it is from time to time, there might have been less than an arm’s-length transaction between Mitchum and his “cousin,” or somehow they were in cahoots and therefore would have benefited at the cost of Riverway (née Petroxx) and its other stakeholders, but to just scuttle a project without the consent of the Board (assuming there is one) is highly irregular…


But who is this “cousin?”  And why would he care necessarily?  He sold the land to Mitchum, so presumably he “got his…”  It’s just so frustrating when the world of business (legitimate, mostly) runs into the mind of Mark Trail and his creators.  Easy enough to have Mark square off against people engaged in poaching or other illegal activities, but when we try to work the everyday into the story line, it all gets terribly confusing!!

So, let’s do another quick cut back to Lost Forest, catch up on what’s been going on there and see what else materializes…  I don’t envy James Allen.  Let’s hope his plot generator hasn’t lost power…

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