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And the Wimpy shall inherit the earth…

Go ahead, Justin, you do that.  While you are there, check into what Mitchum paid for the swamp land…  you might have to think twice about your plans to donate it…


I am having trouble accounting for the number and the size of the figures on the dock… The voice that would be Justin’s is coming from the largest figure- what? did he grow suddenly as his eco-intentions were made known to the Swamp Gods?

And who are all the people?  Counting Vince (oh, Vince we hardly got to know you…) there should only be four people, and while the figures are small, none of them appears to be Cherry…  and who is driving the boat?  Is that the “Bruce,” taken into custody along with Mitchum and BGwB?

Finally a plug for W&W Magazine…  I sense we are going to be at Lost Forest tomorrow!

…and from the Comics Curmudgeon:

Mark Trail would like to remind you that you can be duped and held at gunpoint by your closest friend, live in terror of your life for days, see a man blown to bits in an explosion, and have your company’s finances thrown into disarray, and just walk back to your office like nothing happened, like the world’s the same as it ever was! Don’t worry, some good press in Woods and Wildlife Magazine will smooth this whole thing over.

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