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Go Cow, Go!

“Cow Moose” just doesn’t sound right… that is until we ask ourselves, “Well, isn’t it ‘Bull Moose?'”  As in “Bull Moose Party?”  So “Cow Moose” it is…  funny how the Republicans under TR were deemed the Progressive Party… But then later his distant cousin FDR ran as a “traitor to his class” on the Democrat ticket and “progressed” more than any president of the modern era…  Same as the observation, “Well, didn’t the Republican party (formed around President Lincoln’s candidacy and ultimate victory) free the slaves?”  And finally wasn’t it the Southern Democrats that objected so strenuously to the Civil Rights Act in the 1960’s?    Politics can be so confusing…


But anyway, back to the bitch-slap delivered by one so-far-anonymous Cow Moose on “Old Ripper…”  Surprised O.R. didn’t send in one of his pack-mates to take the first blow, but then he must be the kind that leads from the front… But woe be to the calf, now with his/her mother occupied, the flank is exposed!  Mark! Where are you?!?

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