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Like we needed the sign…

Wonder if they got the hanging sign from a traveling band of Gypsies specializing in making stuff out of random scraps of wood…  Have router, will sign…  cash only please, we don’t believe in banks…  all the money stays with the head of the family…

Next we see Andy recoiling in horror at the site of yet another mound  of slop dished up in a giant red bowl with his name boldly emblazoned upon it… Like it would be another dog’s bowl?  Like there could be another dog??  Sourced from the same Band of Gypsies?  Does Rusty have one just like it only it says “RUSTY” on it?


But for the main course, here’s Mark talking to his old friend, “Mississippi Ken…”  Who is about to tell Mark all about the dead shark he caught, which Mark will no doubt consider fascinating- much more fascinating than feeding the dog, and off he will go…  “Still growing your hair long?” Mark wants to know… but what he’s really asking in the presence of Cherry is “I know you are with some underage babe…  she got a friend?  I’ll be right there, even though it means a drive from northern Georgia all the way to the Gulf Coast!!”

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