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Uh, oh… She’s calling him Gabriel…

What, like the desert ecosystem, where humans would survive less that a day or two unless they brought in everything they need?  Like bottles and bottles of Spring Water, like the Marines in the movie Jarhead?


I can tell that Carina is already regretting her decision to go into the desert with her professor… His teachings, preachings and ministrations are already wearing thin on her…  besides, isn’t there some rule that suggests that students and their professors should not be alone, 1 on 1?  Haven’t they read the  book Lolita or seen the movie Gone Girl??

I can tell we are in for another 170+ day schlog… get comfortable, everyone…

One thought on “Uh, oh… She’s calling him Gabriel…

  1. But roaring across the landscape in a 4-wheel drive spewing exhaust, crushing the fragile cryptobiotic crusts on the desert floor and leaving behind tire ruts that will last a millennium won’t have a negative affect?

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