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Double the what?!?

OK, I admit, sometimes (more often now than in the past,) I am at a loss for what to say regarding the developing story arc…  In the days of my mother and father’s Trail, each day was like a Christmas stocking… you started at the top and just kept digging, wondering what was at the bottom…  So much bad dialogue, antiquated themes and memes… A virtual piñata, waiting to be given a good whack with the promise of goodies pouring forth…  


But here we have a random, yowling coyote, who apparently is there for no reason other than to stir up the bats??


And what exactly does a bat panic look like?  Bit of a stretch I’d say…  nothing more than that out there in the Google-verse…

But let’s study the art the panels above.  Suddenly there is more ambient light with which to work, Gabriel (in the middle panel) suddenly has blacked-out eyes, as the censors from the comics syndicate need to hide his identity, or he just has amazingly thick eyelashes…And what’s he reaching for?  A weapon to silence the coyote?  Filled with “Dead Coyote” ammunition??  I mean, how reviled does a species have to be to have a shotgun shell specifically configured and marketed to do away with said species??

And we finally get to see Carina’s face… I’d have to say… handsome?  At least she keeps her eyebrows in check and her lip liner well ordered…  guessing she picked up those frames at LensCrafters…

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