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Wild Ant Chase?

Mark has the look on his face that suggests that he has been here before- told about something only to not have it materialize- remember the bats with the White Nose Syndrome?  Mark never saw a single bat in all the time (months to the poor readers) spent in the cave system… and yet he still wrote a story on it?


Yup, because that what ants will do… right Abbey?  The move in, take over and, well, there goes the neighborhood…  But again, I thought this was a rocky little atoll.  It now appears that we have stumbled into a full-fledged rain forest…  Yeah, I’m scratching my head too, Mark.  I wonder how many Blue Hawaiians Cherry has ordered up by now… She had the right idea.

2 thoughts on “Wild Ant Chase?

  1. This has got to be the worst story line ever for Mark Trail. Even Mark seems agree judging by the look on his face in the first panel. … by panel three even he is scratching his head and thinking ” who gives a shit?”

  2. Speaking of references to The Cave Adventure, note the re-issue of the silhouetted-character-standing-in-an-opening motif. Cottontailfarm is right on: This is really a two-bit story line looking for a plot. But I’m with Dennis – where the hell did this flora-full mesa come from? It didn’t look like it was around the first time Abbey climbed the rocks.

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