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Mark Trail and the Temple of Doom?

Well, Well. What do you know?  As we go deeper into the rain forest, we stumble upon a lost civilization!   One that could never have been spotted from the sky!!  But it took Abbey and Mark on a wild-ant-chase to make its acquaintance…  the only thing missing now is a band of bad guys wielding AK-47’s…


Yes, and apparently the people who inhabited the island had stone cutting tools and cranes?  A case for Ancient Aliens?? I have to admit I have found compelling such arguments that the ancient, prehistoric and semi-prehistoric civilizations could not have possibly built structures on the scale that they did without “help.”  Like the ongoing debate regarding the Egyptian Pyramids?  So many questions!  And perhaps some answers!!

3 thoughts on “Mark Trail and the Temple of Doom?

  1. Remnants of the lost continent of Mu, perhaps? Or will the offspring of Professor Challenger come out to invite them to dinner? Dennis, your comments bring out the obviously silly contrivance of a)why they couldn’t see this on the approach and b:)why they didn’t get Cal to drop them off on the top in the first place.

    As for ancient aliens constructing or designing pyramids, Nazca geoglyphs, Indian pillars that don’t rust, and Stonehenge: That is all bunk, based on notions that “ancient” means “primitive”, “lacking in innovation”, and “not having access to a Home Depot or a helicopter.” In fact, when I last talked with the Vulcan Lyras Tal, she said that they would never stoop to building or assisting in the construction of such simplistic, tacky monuments (her words). She said our “mysterious” monuments were more like the kinds of projects elementary school classes would design for their annual Rite of Passage programs.

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