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Must be a mini-cano…

…because correct me if I’m wrong, but any respectable volcano eruption would have taken everything out by now… there wouldn’t be any time “to get Abbey and Mark.”  Oh, I’m sorry, that’s “Mark and Abbey…”  let’s not forget who the strip is named after…


At least Cal’s hat stayed on his head this time and didn’t get all animated and airborne…  Which is more than I can say for what’s bout to happen to the Hughes… anyone knows that volcanic ash and engines of any kind are not a great combination…  Nice to know you Cal.

One thought on “Must be a mini-cano…

  1. What is with Cal’s sudden hair growth in panel 2? Instead of just a mustache, it looks like he has a full beard and it is touching his collar instead of the cleaner look in panel 3.

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