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OK. We. Get. the. Idea!

With a SWOOSH, a BLANG, a BROMPH and a KA-BOOM we say goodbye to Cal’s Chopper and probably even Cal.  Sorry to have skipped yesterday, but clearly I did not miss anything.  Why not accomplish in three days what it would otherwise take a single strip to convey?


And thanks for the explanation in today’s installment, as I’m not sure that any of the (who the hell knows why) faithful readership couldn’t figure out what was going on…


So as we brace for the next chapter, and yes, I am referring to our own, real lives, perhaps we can draw strength from the highly predictable…  that in every story forthwith, Mark Trail will be exposed to every manner of natural peril combined with the explosive release of carbon based fuels and accelerants…  because apparently that’s what the writer assumes we want to see.  So KA-BOOM, everyone, welcome to the rest of your life…

4 thoughts on “OK. We. Get. the. Idea!


    How can anyone complain about dialogue or plotting with that kind of expressive writing to savor?

  2. And I’m really digging that Matrix thing that Cal is pulling to avoid decapitation by the copter blade . . .

    A little internet research on explosions makes clear that a blast wave that can fling a human body in the manner that Cal’s is being thrown is nearly invariably lethal. His organs (brain, lungs, etc.) are likely mush – akin to a squeezed tube of toothpaste that isn’t going to be getting the goop put back inside neatly. Cal, buddy, we hardly knew ya!

    So Mark and Abbey are left to swim home themselves, I guess. Just as soon as they outrun that pyroclastic flow.

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