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Well, it’s a damn good thing Abby brought a boat…

…because the Hughes is toast.  And it’s also fortunate that Cal pulled his fishing gear out of the Hughes.  At least they can fish for food as they drift aimlessly in the south pacific.  It’s as if the gods (and writers) have something against Mark, and Helicopters, for that matter…


Certainly there is a blast radius regarding the helicopter and the large, fiery volcanic projectile that has taken out Cal’s Pride and Joy… and Cal isn’t that far away.  But as with most crashes and explosions in the Trailverse, the characters, even bit ones, will escape relatively unharmed, especially Mark and Abbey who, by all rights, should be asphyxiated by now.

As silly as this is, I have to admit that this has set us up for a tense sequence… and opened up the possibility for lots of bad dialogue… bring it on!

2 thoughts on “Well, it’s a damn good thing Abby brought a boat…

  1. Apparently, these morons either don’t have smart phones or happen to be in non-coverage areas (not a great surprise, I suppose). Remind me again why Mark and Abbey did not bother to have Cal just fly them to the top of the rock to begin with. They’d have seen the ruins, passed over the ravine, spotted the ant castle, and beheld the giant volcano (none of which was visible as they flew in); in which case, they might just have given the whole thing a pass. They’re just a bunch of freakin’ ants on an island, after all. Not like they’re going to learn to swim.

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