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Is that like, “Whoa, Dude?”

Like Jeff Spicoli in Fast times at Ridgemont High?  Or “Whoa” as in “Stop?” Speaking of “Whoa,” I recall that I started  club in one of my old neighborhoods when the kids were young and all parents would tend to gather on a Saturday night while the kids played capture the flag or jailbreak or some other backyard game… The club was called “WHOA” which stood for “Worthless Husbands of America…” a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that Husbands/Fathers never do quite enough in this world… We thought it was funny, but the wives didn’t appreciate the joke, as I recall…


As Abby completes her transformation into a dude and exhibits broad jumping over fire skills, Mark is left for dead in the fiery mess.  But it’s about time that Mark started taking direction from someone else…

2 thoughts on “Is that like, “Whoa, Dude?”

  1. Remember when around the holidays, the old mark trail strips would return to lost forest featuring the characters inside the cabin with the coffeepot in the background and pancakes on the table? Can’t wait for Christmas with this artist and observe another apocoliytic scene play out. Geesh James, get a grip!!

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