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This Sh*t’s Getting Serious!

Forgive me for getting sucked into this protracted and only moderately interesting story arc, but when Mark utters his now familiar UUUNNNGGH!, you know he’s in trouble.  Our intrepid USDA agent seems to have found the way out and Mark has been slowed to a crawl (or a coughing crouch…)


The silhouette in panel one is reminiscent of Christ on the cross, which is also reminiscent of the Willem Dafoe character in the 1986 movie Platoon… Panel three could be taken from any one of the many Bruce Willis Die Hard(er) vehicles…

3 thoughts on “This Sh*t’s Getting Serious!

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  2. How odd! Mark’s back appears to mimic the front of a female torso arched backwards. Do we have a drawing of the beast with one back?

    Either that or Mark has a tribble infestation under his shirt. Coughing tribbles . . .

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