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What, is she a cat??

Only in the Trailverse could someone go head-first over a cliff, only to suddenly be descending feet-first…  and declaring to Mark and the world what is happening.  The only thing missing here is Abbey referring to herself in the third person…  “Abbey Powell trips, slips and is falling over what appears to be a cliff.  This is nothing new for Abbey Powell… Abbey Powell has survived worse falls…”


So… will Mark Join her, like the last time?  Will the fall distance allow Abbey to reach terminal velocity and have her break both legs?  Stay tuned boys and girls, for we never know what will happen next!

4 thoughts on “What, is she a cat??

  1. What interesting geography! As I recall, Mark & Abbey scaled a cliff from the beach to find the ants’ nest atop the island’s plateau. Then they fell back down a cliff after being knocked out of a dead tree by a panicked boar. Without regaining any elevation in their subsequent flight from the ash and lava bombs raining from above and the massive lava flow advancing seaward at a stupendous pace, they have now encountered another substantial cliff off which to plunge.

    Apart from admiring the aerial acrobatics, I do wonder if this time Abbey will suffer at least any scrapes or a bruises?

    Life sure has its ups and downs (and more downs) in the Trailverse.

    The tension has been ratcheted up unbearably with regards to Mark & Abbey. I suspect that we are due for another contrasting quiet interlude in the lightning-fast pace of this cliffhanger. Perhaps a glimpse of Cal bobbing serenely in the ocean aboard Abbey’s dinghy, observing the fireworks from afar? Or a scene with Cherry rockin’ a bikini and a mixed drink poolside in a particularly languorous pose?

    • Yeah, my first thought as well. How many bloody levels does this island have!? It sure didn’t seem THAT big or THAT high to begin with. Either that, or Allen left out about an hour of climbing in his story.

      And what’s with Abbey’s back? Like Mark, it seems to be going spastic on its own, or inhabited by moles.

  2. Do we really need three frames to interpret another tumble downward be it in a cave or on an island? Will tomorrows entry continue to show Abbey’s fall or will it show three frames of Mark’s reaction to her earlier verbal warning?
    I swear we could make a moving picture flipbook if you cut and assemble each and every panel of “action”. Snoozefest…

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