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Well thank goodness for tree roots…

…lightning fast reflexes, and superhuman strength that allows a single hand to arrest a human body’s worth of falling momentum…


We apparently missed a small sound yesterday that would have allowed us all to sleep a little better last night!


So with that (almost) over with, (let’s all assume that she doesn’t pull Mark over the cliff with her,) we can continue to follow the “flip book” action that will no doubt carry us into the New Year…

3 thoughts on “Well thank goodness for tree roots…

  1. Of course not, Terry. Mark explicitly instructed Abbey to “give me your other hand!”

    I’m not sure what he meant or she understood by that phase, since both of her hands were shown fully occupied at the time in clinging to whatever purchase she could find. But the result is a bit odd looking, I’ll warrant.

    And what’s with the halo effect around the weirdly coupling hands? Are we seeing that same certain spark that nearly flamed between Mark and Latina grad student Carina deep in the cavern depths after another dramatic fall? Abbey has already grappled spread-eagled with Mark while climbing up on a cliff face of this deserted tropical island, without anything romantic kicking off between the couple. Have the shared physical adventures in the interim (feeling the earth move, overcoming boar-dom, getting hot all over, etc.) now primed our all-business FDA Agent to pull the emotional trigger – whilst going down on a cliff face?

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