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Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in…

…in the words of one Henry David Thoreau, Early American Blogger, protege of Ralph Waldo Emerson, identified as part of the Transcendental Movement, who apparently was never taught to NOT end sentences with prepositions…  But in the spirit of time being fluid and eternal, and certainly not linear, we are taken back in time to the point right before Mark and Abbey tested the effects of gravity and sudden deceleration…


Vonnegut also had fun with time in Slaughterhouse-Five, with Billy Pilgrim tripping through time (and space) after being alien abducted and spending time on the planet Tralfamadore where all the inhabitants live in a four-dimensional reality… After being removed from the Trailverse for a couple of days and spending time in Iowa, I can relate…


But back to the story…  As Mark’s hair snaps back into place by panel three, Abbey is doing her water-works-fountain act for good measure…  Talented lass… she can cough, hack, spit gracefully and talk at the same time.


Swim Fast?  You think?  Oh Mark, you are nothing if not obvious… So, as Mark and Abbey swim as fast as they can away from the soon to be boiling ocean, it’s a darn good thing that Cal will be making his way to them in Abbey’s ill-fitted craft.  We shall  soon test the weight bearing capacity and lack of any safety equipment (or fuel) aboard and we’ll see whether they can all make it back to the King-Kaluha Resort to sit poolside and recount lusty tales of flowing lava and death defying leaps…

2 thoughts on “Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in…

  1. Time to get R-rated.

    Having been a lifeguard and a competitive swimmer in my youth, the most important thing Mark and Abbey should do right now is take off their clothes and shoes, as the additional weight and water resistance will significantly slow them down. Indeed, one coach made us train wearing old tennis shoes and sweats. Once you took them off, you felt like a streamlined porpoise in your Speedo.

    It would be nice for James Allen to share this important water safety tip, but I can’t envision Mark saying “Abbey, get naked”.

  2. Once again, Mark just can’t stand being merely the receiver of important information; he has to turn it back around on the original speaker as if it was his revelation, all along. Way to go, Mr. Insecure.

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