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Well Hallelujah…

At least we aren’t dragging this out…  weeks of Mark and Abbey bobbing around, seemingly on their last legs, wondering if they will be found… Rather we have Cal right on the Mark… Hah!  See what I did there??


But what must be racing through Mark’s mind right now…

But… Cal=Helicopter, Cal≠Boat, Abbey=Boat, Abbey floating with me…

Just imagine the cognitive disarray!

So climb aboard me mateys…  let’s get back to the Resort and end this silly story!!

One thought on “Well Hallelujah…

  1. Epilogue:
    Mark talks with his editor, Bill Ellis.
    Trail: “Bill, the volcano blew up the island before we could figure out why the fire ants were there. It was touch-and-go for awhile, but we made it safely back!”
    Ellis: “Well, at least you didn’t blow up any boats this time!”
    Trail: “Nope! No boats this time!”
    Ellis: “…er, what’s on this expense sheet you’re giving me, Mark?”
    Trail: “Remember the helicopter you said I could rent?”

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