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How convenient…

As Mark gets a leg-up and into the boat by… I don’t know who or what… He encourages Cal to gun that 9.9hp Johnson outboard and get them the H-E-double toothpicks out of there…


So now we take odds as to whether they will be able to return to civilization unscathed…  and given our experience with these protracted story lines, I’d say the odds are 70-30 in favor of further calamity.  Or 90-10 in favor of the Feds showing up…

Come to think of it though, a helicopter rescue would have been much more satisfying.  To see Cal hovering over Mark and Abbey, inches off the water, bathed in Prop-wash, and hauling them to safety… watching them talk to each other in normal voices, oblivious to the roar of the engine 6 feet above them, and figuring then that Abbey would have to explain why she had to expense a boat and motor on the government dime… be subject to congressional scrutiny by the new administration… Oh I guess these things can go any which-a-way, and for that matter still could.

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