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Dirty’s a …murderer…

Wow, well that didn’t take long.  It seems that screech of Gulls was our indication that that Dirty offed Tut and now has his cash in a duffel bag, origins unknown…


…and we are now clear that his real intention is to visit Trail to get a little (or a lot of) payback.  Boy, talk about holding a grudge!! Yikes!

Weapons Training?  How many plot points are we setting up in this one installment??

Harbour Island does look pretty awesome, though…

4 thoughts on “Dirty’s a …murderer…

  1. Conveniently King Tut had a duffle bag handy for Dirty to use for the loot. It should be more secure than Baldy’s saddle bag that broke open when the tornado hit. Don’t these folks know about cryptocurrencies? Tut would still be alive if he had stored his lucre in Bitcoin.

  2. I’m still surprised that The Fat Man—an apparently successful Fence—would not have a bodyguard present when meeting somebody for a cash transaction, especially if said Fence is going to flash a safe full of greenbacks and gold. How could The Fat Man acquire so much illicit cash over time with this kind of careless behavior?

    Is there some kind of secret weapons training facility on Harbour Island? Seems like an odd place to go for that activity. But, I could be misinformed!

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