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Industrial Grade?



What millennium are we living in here?  We have to be looking at in excess of 2o total carat weight, here…  And Dirty, you have committed the classic negotiating blunder…  you shouldn’t lead with your final offer/ request…  Mr. Lemur-tail Chin is playing you like I would image you are used to being played, except you don’t even realize it.  Let’s at least hope you stole these diamonds, otherwise your cost of goods leaves you little in the way of actual profit…  even if you do find someone to fence these for you…

One thought on “Industrial Grade?

  1. Well, I believe they had to be stolen, and not from any mining site, since the stones are not roughs, but clearly already cut. Now, cut diamonds will be found any place BUT the diamond mines of Botswana and Congo. My B.A. in Google Search tells me that diamonds are mostly cut in China and India and a few other places; but nowhere in Africa. Ergo, they had to be stolen.

    Finally, didn’t Dirty’s head get a bit too big for his body, both physically and figuratively?

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