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Look, Ma, no safe!

As Terminator Dirty makes his full anger known, King Tut goes to his safe and, with the door already open, (huh?) we see fat stacks and a solid gold falcon…


But wait!  Why is the door already open, and more importantly where the heck did the safe come from??

no safe

It certainly wasn’t there before, as evidenced by the earlier installment below…  unless there is more than a single mount in the room, but I am pretty sure that’s the only one…

I know… picky, picky, picky.   But c’mon.  Let’s employ a little continuity here, shall we?

2 thoughts on “Look, Ma, no safe!

  1. Well, to be accurate, we don’t know that this is actually a golden falcon. We only have the choices made by some other person doing the coloring. I’m pretty sure that Allen is not indicating colors for a daily b/w strip. As far as we know, it could be black. But maybe it IS a certain golden falcon and this is the infamous “Fat Man”!

  2. Nice pickup, George. But the Maltese Falcon was black, not golden (at least as seen in the Bogart movie). Maybe the real statue had since been found and stripped of its enameled coating by our erstwhile King Tut (grandson of the 1940’s Fat Man via some Egyptian concubine of ancient royal lineage?), though that should have revealed an encrustation of jewels over the golden figure.

    Fascinating object: //www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/26481

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