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Still here…

Just waiting…


…for something…


…to happen.


Although I wasn’t aware that Beavers were eligible for glass prosthetic eyes… Lost Forest must have quite the benefits package… either that or Doc has been experimenting somewhere between “catch” and “release…”

3 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. Glad to see your back again along with the witty sarcasm. I was worried that Mr. Allen had issued you a cease and desist order for the blog after the terse admonishment to some of his followers.

  2. Back in 2003, Jack Hill, son of Tom Hill (the “Sunday” Mark Trail artist) gave an interesting, if short, talk about the strip, its creators, and the real “Lost Forest” where Dodd lived:

    Photos show that Dodd’s forest house was pretty handsome; it was a shame it burned down in the 1990s. There are some interesting photos of the studio, the artists, and examples of the strip as it looked at different production stages.

    Finally, Jack Hill has some comments about the quality of the strip as it developed when Dodd took over.

  3. So, Lost Forest is actually some place in the Northwest? I had always thought it was supposed to be down south. But, obviously, I am wrong. Given the cliff that Mark climbed earlier and the presence of nearby mountain goats, it appears that Lost Forest is somewhere around Colorado, Wyoming, or Washington State.

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