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And Still…


…more nature…


…some of it out definitely out of range and habitat… but at least we are finally greeted (after a week) with the stirring of human voices…


And who do you suppose is cooking breakfast?  Cherry of course, lest we disturb time honored and tested roles… Not to say that men don’t cook, but that’s not the way in the Trailverse.  But poor little baby mouse, running after momma in panel two of today’s strip… he’ll never see her again…

And what’s with all the reference to “still, stagnant, and static air?”  Hmmm I wonder… guessing that Mr. Allen got out his thesaurus and was also reminded that alliteration is an effective device…  Or is this a setup for crushing Rusty’s ideas- “Hey, Mark, want to go sailing?”  “Sorry Rusty, the air is still, stagnant and static today… guess we’ll have to pass on that idea…”

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