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Stalling for time…

Again, who talks like this?


Does this mean that Cherry is going to go on every trip that Mark takes?  Well, that’s not fair to Rusty or Doc, now is it?


OK , didn’t I say enough is enough?!  A solid week of nature followed by a solid week of honey-ka-fuddling and bad, syrupy dialogue… can we just get on with a new story, please?  I know in the old days Mark wouldn’t even be home for a day or two, or even make time for a pickle tickle, and he’d be gone again, with Cherry and Rusty’s sad eyes in his rear view mirror.  I kind of miss that…

3 thoughts on “Stalling for time…

  1. “I love traveling the world and sharing it with you.” Really?!
    Does Mark have an owning interest in Planet Earth?
    Does he collect rents?
    What if he doesn’t want to share it with anybody; where do the rest of us have to go?

  2. Been thinking about all this. Perhaps, because Mark is always off on assignment and too busy to bring Cherry along, these intimate conversations are their way to fill in a few moments reinforcing their mutual desires, however unlikely they are to be satisfied.

  3. for better or worse this is how it’s has been and will continue to be after every future, six month episode. For some reason the author must have Mark justify and rationalize ad- nauseum to his wife how foolish some of his exploits have been and his endearing appreciation to all who continue to participate in his eco-adventures.

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