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Do I stutter?

Yes, the cattle… all two of them… are… are…. are….. GONE!


OK, we’ll look over there…  and wait patiently to see what you are seeing, good sir.  The torch bearer, channeling the Statue of Liberty in the first panel, is left in the dust.  There is apparently enough “dusk” remaining to provide a view across the field.

It’s unlikely though that this Pride of Lions could have killed and dragged off the cattle in the time that it took the villagers to make it from their huts to the pasture… But then rules of time-space don’t seem to matter in this latest incarnation of Mark Trail…

One thought on “Do I stutter?

  1. I’m just going to put this out there. I’m ready for a good old-fashion story involving Rusty/fishing/camping/bear attacks. It’s why I fell in love with this comic in the first place. Please?

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