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Pleased to meet you, Ms. Hunter…

But wait, as usual, something seems a bit off here…  a couple of things, actually…


First off, this kind gentleman, who is waiting for her to arrive, knows her itinerary, doesn’t know her name?  “Hunter… Ms. Lee Hunter!”  And second, when someone asks you how your flight was, how your day is going, how your weekend was, how you are feeling on a Monday morning back in the office, the last thing they want is an honest, protracted answer.  So to deflect the negative energy being thrown out in the third panel, our porter quickly references the car that is “waiting.”  Clever enough.

One could speculate about who this Ms. Hunter is, but I’ll bet dollars to donuts that she and Mark are about to cross paths and it will only be a matter of time that he announces, awkwardly and without solicitation, that he is a happily married man…

One thought on “Pleased to meet you, Ms. Hunter…

  1. How about one story line where the supporting female character is an average looking, not trying too hard, nerdy girl next door type?

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