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The Return of Dirty Dyer!!

Oh my… last we set eyes on Chris “Dirty” Dyer he was being foiled by Mark Trail as a poacher and smuggler of Rhinoceros Horns!  And the fact the he was pronounced dead… and DEAD… clearly a ruse to get him out of trouble, since he was about to face charges!


But what’s with the massive burn mark and eye patch… in his last close-up he looked fairly ravaged, seemed to have both his eyes intact

And how, I wonder, has he managed to keep what’s left of his body and soul together after being pronounced dead?  What schemes has he been concocting, what scams has he been running?  And wouldn’t he have assumed a new identity?  Or at least a new handle??  Oh, this ought to be good…

Oh and the irony remains thick on the dental front… recall that Dirty’s erstwhile lover Lori was a dentist in good standing trying to “fix” her man, and the killer of Cecil the Lion was also a dentist…

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