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C’mon Rusty, bedtime!

It’s 5:00 and you need to turn in now…  I always hated that when I was a kid in the summer-  I’d have to go to bed and it was still light out!  But wait… isn’t Rusty a teenager by now?  This is really weird.  But then what isn’t when it comes to the Trail’s home life??  And is that Rusty’s room, that little shed on the right side of the house?


Johnny Lone Elk?  Hmmm, not sure we have made his acquaintance… And who calls just to say they saw a pair of Wolves?

2 thoughts on “C’mon Rusty, bedtime!

  1. Cherry’s gymnastics classes seem to have come in handy for her to nimbly rest on the four inch porch banister/beam while Doc’s face looks a little worse for the wear–is he pushing 90?

  2. And we can see how fond Mark and Cherry are of Rusty, leaving it to Ol’ Gramps to tuck the little kid/teenager/stunted adult into bed and read him his bedtime story:

    “Well, Rusty. How about a story of one of Mark’s adventures?” ” I’ll pass on that, Gramps. Anyway, I know how it always goes: The telephone rings. Mark answers. Mark says ‘Goodbye’ and leaves for a few months. Then he suddenly shows up. After a few days the phone rings. Frankly, Gramps, I’d rather you read me ‘Hansel und Gretel’.

    “But darn it all! If Mark was a good Dad, Gramps, he’d have put in Satellite TV so I’d have something to do around here besides fishing and playing with my snake. Have you seen how many girls there are hanging around Lost Forest, Gramps!? Like, zero!”

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