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Wait for it…

Oh Doc, you are such a card… as you continue to throw logs on your daughter Cherry’s anxiety fire…  A Real Deathtrap!  Ha!  You are funny as a crutch…


Or the ghost-town could be full of ghosts!  We’ll have to find out…

2 thoughts on “Wait for it…

  1. forget about shape-shifting Rusty the boy who we’ve barely seen in the past year. What about Doc’s new facelift! Sure is an improvement from March 6 panel….from 90 to 70.

  2. Is it just me? I never see Mark asking Cherry how she’s been, what’s she been doing, or what she’s going to do when he goes off on another “assignment”. He’s just so wrapped up in himself and his adventures. Mark is a like a modern “Peter Pan” and Cherry is his “Wendy”. And Captain Hook is in pursuit.

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