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Couple of days, huh?

That should only takes us a couple of months to endure…


And as Cherry turns her Precious Moments Big  Eyes on Mark, we see that they have little effect on him.  By the last panel, Cherry is wearing a scowl that would be Cruella DeVille blush…

3 thoughts on “Couple of days, huh?

  1. I was given an early draft of this story sequence by somebody from “Comic Leaks”. Here is what Mark was going to say, but apparently Allen’s syndicate wanted a different approach. Here is the draft:
    “Look, Cherry. This strip is named after ME; not YOU. I’M the one that gets to travel and get into troubles. YOUR job is to stick around the cabin with your Dad and Timmy and Lassie. Or whatever. Anyway, exotic women are not going to through themselves at me with YOU tagging along now, are they!? And besides, you never know WHAT or WHO will show up around here while I’m gone. You might even…heh! heh!…have your own adventure. Stranger things have happened, Cherry. So, is my Morton’s Hungry Man Dinner ready? I’m famished!”

  2. It would be nice if this platform allowed us to edit our posts, to either improve or correct them. Still a great place to share a common interest.

    I just hope the syndicate did not reject the part where Cherry learns first hand how Dirty got his nickname.

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