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Yea, Heaven forbid you should actually pay for something…

Now Mark has endorsement deals with Camera Companies?  Sort of like Andre Agassi with the Canon Rebel??


And yes!  AndysOwner is correct- Doc is looking like Benjamin Button– Aging in reverse… Aside from the white hair around the dome perimeter, his face is looking downright youthful… not the lock-jawed countenance that we have come to know!

2 thoughts on “Yea, Heaven forbid you should actually pay for something…

  1. A Possible Mark Trail endorsement: “Hi, this is Mark Trail, well-known nature photographer and writer. When I hit the trail (heh! heh!), I pack the Nikon Little SureShot Bfd3. I’m sure it is a great camera, though I never seem to use one, myself. It comes with this long tube, I mean lens, that attaches to the camera, somewhere. It’s great for taking photos from far away, especially of dangerous animals like bears, rhinos, and scorned women. There is also a short lens, good for taking closeup photos of dangerous animals that are dead. But just in case, I also like to carry the Westley Richards drop-lock double rifle in .475 Nitro Express on field trips. ‘Course, I don’t flash this thing around (excuse the pun, heh! heh!), because this is a family strip!

    “Frankly, I’m not even sure how I came to be known as a nature photographer. If I do take a photo, I just use a little Instamatic, because it fits in my shirt pocket. The fancy photos in my articles are just pinched from the Web by some editor at ‘Woods & Wildlife’ magazine. But, hey! Hanging a big-time expensive camera like the Nikon Little SureShot Bfd3 around your neck can at least make you LOOK like you’re a camera pro. And I bet that this probably fits the agenda of most of you armchair naturalists, right? Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta get going. I’m scheduled to go on a 3-hour boat tour in the South Pacific. Should be fun.”

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