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There are things one simply cannot un-see…

…and Rusty’s face is one of them…  You know, if they’d take him somewhere for a proper haircut, rather than subject him to (I’m assuming) Doc’s amature attempts, that would be a start…


But to know whether Mark’s grammar is correct (and it usually is) one has to make a decision as to whether the word than is a conjunction or a preposition.  “You have caught more <fish> than I have, Rusty!” If we consider the case for conjunction, then Mark is correct in using the  subjective form of the personal pronoun I, but if we consider than a preposition, then he ought to be using the objective form, me.  Further, in the conjunction case, I, could Mark have simply ended his exclamation without the word have? As in “You’ve caught more than I, Rusty!” That doesn’t “sound” correct.  But the biggest dilemma has to do with Cherry’s seemingly ineffective attempts to home-school the young shut-in… He needs to understand that his use of the word till as a replacement for until is incorrect!  A till, of course, is a placae where money is stored, whereas ’til would be a usable form of until, if we are to accept such sloppiness in our diction.

At any rate, Mark is satisfied that he has fulfilled his fatherly duties for the year, so we are not likely to be in touch with Rusty for a while now…  savor the moment.

2 thoughts on “There are things one simply cannot un-see…

  1. yes, the resemblance is reminiscent from Dumb and Dumber, although on my first glance I noticed a Rivendell Elf emerging…just draw that left ear a little more pointy next time.

    also, forget about explaining the warp speed of today’s installment–no puttering around or mundane prepping for the yearly fishing trip with multiple panels…zip…Mark’s in and out and on his way Tornado Alley by Monday,

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