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You mean Ferrets eating Prairie Dogs??

As we make the fishing trip last another day, we are witness to the riveting repartee between Mark and his adopted son…


And once again we are reminded that Mark leads a life that is utterly devoid of deadlines and real commitments, given that he continues to live rent free under the roof of one Doc Davis, father of Cherry Trail (nee Davis) which Mark expects to inherit, through his wife, in order that he never know what a mortgage payment looks like…  OK maybe I ride that note a little long and hard, but it’s always struck me that Mark has little visible means of support, yet never has to make the difficult choices that I’m sure many of us do…

One thought on “You mean Ferrets eating Prairie Dogs??

  1. Right. Being a nature writer for a magazine cannot possibly be a source of great income, especially these days. And when he keeps blowing up property that the magazine winds up paying for, it’s a wonder that Mark even has a job. Cherry doesn’t seem to have any kind of employment. An active vet can earn an average income in the $90K range, or better, so Pop could be the major breadwinner of this family. Maybe what we are missing here are the $50K talks he gives to various environmental groups around the world. Allen simply omits these ugly “money making” activities as not presenting the best profile of Mr. Trail and his activities.

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