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Then why go at all?? ARRRGGGH!!

I am speechless.  Wordless.  Without  ideas.  I rely on random word generators, like a virtual Mad-Libs to write my scripts and related dialogue.  I am James Allen.


And Heaven forbid Mark you should question any of what Baldy says, lest he threaten to “shoot the girl.”

Please Mr. Allen, for the love of Mark, collaborate.  Find  a writer.  Elrod had Dodd for all those years… there’s no shame in admitting you are out of your depth here…

2 thoughts on “Then why go at all?? ARRRGGGH!!

  1. Reminds me of Groucho Marx from Animal Crackers —

    Hello, I must be going
    I cannot stay
    I came to say
    I must be going
    I’m glad I came
    But just the same
    I must be going, la-la!

  2. I love this comic dearly but it’s getting a bit aimless with the plots. I’ve said it before – can we have some good old-fashioned Trail plots involving poachers, bear attacks, Rusty getting pinned under cars etc? PLEASE?
    Mark Trail, like most mammals, is at his best when you don’t take him too far from his natural habitat.

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