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Who says you’re going, Johnny?

Now that everyone is mad at Mark, even Jimmy, judging by the look on his face in panel three, Sarita is making the gross assumption that everyone is going to the Ghost town as planned, even though nothing has gone to plan ever since Mark showed up with his  new “friends…”


And what the heck s going on with Sarita in panel three?  Is she so mad that her Cherry mask is going to fall off?  Maybe that’s part of the game that they like to play when Mark comes over.  Sarita dresses up like Cherry, and well, who knows…  More than I want to think about!

One thought on “Who says you’re going, Johnny?

  1. Has anybody noticed that Mark and Company are still outside and these people are still inside, discussing the people outside? Since the people INSIDE are so suspicious of the people OUTSIDE, wouldn’t it make sense for them to go outside, too, and answer all of their questions? Yeah, I know that in “comics time” the last few weeks has only seen a minute or two of time pass, but sheesh! Where did good manners go, at least?

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