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Do we lock cars in this part of the world?

Let’s hope not… otherwise they will have to Jimmy (ha! get it??) their way into the car and probably set off the alarm…


And so while Jimmy worries about a little rain, Sarita looks about as determined as a person can be…  taking inventory of what she sees… to what end I wonder?  What clues could he have left them?  Never mind the fact that between Mark and Johnny they now outnumber the bad guys, and assuming that Blondie wouldn’t get in the way of an insurrection, they could have this all wrapped up in less time than it takes to put on their ponchos…

3 thoughts on “Do we lock cars in this part of the world?

  1. I sure wish Allen would hire an actual writer to help out. What with the time it takes to drop in clip art, paste on previously-used faces, poses and interiors, and put ink to paper where needed, I imagine not much time is left for Allen to develop plots. And frankly, I’d rather see more REALLY GOOD stories within a given calendar year, rather than two or three so-so stories stretched beyond credulity with pointless diversions, contrived behavior, stalls, and other unnecessary time adjustments to make the story lines last longer. In short, quit coasting.

    C’mon Allen! Find somebody who has at least passed a fiction writing class in college and who can put a story together. Contract the kid for 4 solid action adventures that you can run in a year. If they are really good, hire the kid!

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