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Sheriff Strober? Ready for your close-up?

Sarita seems to have the mistaken notion that one usually greets a sheriff when there is nothing wrong… I don’t know, like maybe when he’s running for re-election?  It’s always struck me funny that Sheriff is generally an elected position- like politics ought to even play a role..


Ah yes, the dark and sultry Sarita…  we can barely see her emanating from the shadows of the porch overhang…


The “people with Johnny?”  What about Mark Trail?  He’s the reason for all of you getting your 15 minutes of fame here…  And come in out of the rain for crying out loud…  I know you have your policeman’s Macintosh on, but really?  If we are going to have a discussion, why not do it in a dry spot?


2 thoughts on “Sheriff Strober? Ready for your close-up?

  1. So the Sheriff gets out of a clearly marked “police” vehicle and talks to “Sarita” who now looks just like Cherry. Just another very, very long day in the Trailverse.

  2. Just what are Sarita and Jimmy hiding, anyway, that they don’t invite the Sheriff inside? And doesn’t that sheriff kind of look like Tennessee Ernie Ford…with a hangover?

    I’ll give this little exchange 2 more days before we head back to wherever the heck Johnny, Mark, and the robbers are at this point. I imagine it will be that ghost town. Probably a good place for a small plane to land.

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