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Man, Dig those Ca-razy Sideburns!!

I wanted to comment yesterday, but glad I waited until today.  You gotta pace yourself when days lasts months in the Trailverse…  Sheriff Don sure has an interesting approach to facial hair!  A pencil-thin mustache to go along with pencil-thin sideburns that flare out at the bottom.  And the bottom is waaaay down his face… his loooong face…


Still trying to figure out why/how it is that Sheriff Don stands out in the rain getting soaked while Jimmy & Cherry (oops, I mean Sarita) are but a few feet away and not getting a drop on them?

And of course the cell tower is out… because that happens ALL THE TIME… right??


2 thoughts on “Man, Dig those Ca-razy Sideburns!!

  1. I think the sheriff is wearing a face mask. Look at this image in Panel Two and tell me it doesn’t look like some big rubber mask hanging on the front of his face!

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