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Reminds me of…

…the scene in The Princess Bride when evil Prince Humperdink promises to send his “four fastest ships” in search of Princes Buttercup’s true love Westley who has been taken hostage by the Dread Pirate Roberts, until, that is, later on when Prince H was caught in a lie when he then stated that his “entire armada” would escort them on their honeymoon…  “All but your four fastest ships, right?” she asks…


Again, Jimmy, you were relieved of four horses when Mark and his “friends” came and went, and you still have enough mounts left in the barn to offer up “fast” vs. “strong?”  And why the hell didn’t the sheriff come with his own horse, Like Tommy Lee Jones in “No Country for Old Men?”  Real men bring their own, right??

One thought on “Reminds me of…

  1. Right on, Dennis. Furthermore, if Jimmy is such a big-time horse rancher, wouldn’t he know what kind of horses the Sheriff would need in this situation?

    Final Question: Exactly what things does the Sheriff need from his truck:
    1873 Winchester?
    30-foot riata?
    Chaps and Mexican spurs?
    Sack of tobacco?
    A posse?

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