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Exactly how big is your herd, Jimmy?

As Tennessee Ernie Ford (thanks for that reference!) moves in more closely, under the shelter of the porch, he announces that he, too, will need horses… not a horse, but a couple of horses.  He is, after all, Reigning Lawman of the Year, and he would naturally need more than one horse.  One for himself, the other for his ego that he carts around with him…


And why the Ghost Town?  What is leading you there, Sheriff?  Heck, what is leading anyone there?  And I remind all of us that Baldy and his would-be captive are going places that make no earthly sense if “getting away” is the objective… And is all the loot with them?  Did the supposed pilot of the (to this point unseen) plane go to the airport?  is he still sitting there?  Whatever…


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