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Johnny? Johnny who?

I know that over the years Mark has been known to lack empathy, but this takes it beyond the pale…  No sense in calling yourself an “Old Friend” of Mark’s when in the direst of circumstances he simply writes you off…  Sort of like that scene in Austin Powers when Mustafa (played by Will Ferrell- ha!) falls victim to the tipping chair that throws you into a burning pit to supposedly die and all you end up with is getting badly burned…


Pray?  Since when did you become a man of God, Mark?  Your faith lies only in your own invincibility and the fact that you have a comic strip named for you, which guarantees you about 10,000 lives…

3 thoughts on “Johnny? Johnny who?

  1. Why is Mark trying to save the lives of those holding a gun on him and ignoring his “friend” who lying in a soon-to-be raging wash under a horse? Of course heading into a tunnel with Mark might bore Baldy and Blondie to death, though it might take them through wormhole to the ocean and provide an abrupt end to this storyline with flapjacks.

    • Don’t count on Johnny being “out of it”. After Mark and the Baddies race on, Johnny will have a miraculous recovery and trail the crew. And the Good Ol’ Sheriff should be coming up on them at any time now. Well, in Comic Strip Time, that should be another 4 weeks of dailies.

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