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Hi There Campers!

Took a day off but am back at it… and this is making even less sense that it ever has…


Yup, let’s recount…  Sheriff What’s His Name shows up and demands strong horses (plural) and rides off… Chides Johnny about the “pony” he is riding… sends his pony back to the ranch alone (magic homing horses??)  And now informs him that they are going to enter the cave on foot, sending their remaining mounts back tot he ranch, alone…


And now they enter the cave on foot and with flashlight (thank goodness we aren’t being asked to believe in some form of naturally occurring bioluminescence…)  And Sheriff warns Johnny about the “pits” that abound in the grizzly cave…  Johnny I ask you again, why aren’t you asking for the broader plan, why are you being a sheep?  Why the long face in the second panel?

You all may find this mildly ironic… I am actually on a family vacation in the Black Hills of South Dakota!  Passed through Wall and Rapid City yesterday and am staying in a nice rental on top of a mountain!  Did a little fishing this morning… more excursions planned for the coming week.  Funny, though, no signs of Mark, Baldy, Sheriff, Johnny or anyone!


But what’s this?  No one wants to go Spelunking without a harness?  We have done the cave thing before, haven’t we, faithful followers of this meandering an ill-conceived (although reasonably well drawn) serial?

Note- I posted the first two installments above yesterday, but not in a place where you all could see it… good gravy- I’ve only been doing this sine January of 2013…

I will probably wait ’til the weekend to post again- internet in the Black Hills is dodgy!

3 thoughts on “Hi There Campers!

  1. We’ll let you enjoy your Black Hills vacation . . . but for God’s sake, WATCH OUT FOR THE GRIZZLIES! 😉

  2. Right. How does this make sense?

    1. They use sturdy horses to GET there. Somehow, in spite of the Sheriff’s fears, they made it to the cave. Then he sends all the horses back. What about the equipment on the pack horses(s)? Did you notice that when they pulled up to the cave, there were no pack horses depicted! And more importantly, how are the Sheriff and Johnny going to get back if the horses are gone? That’s rather fishy of the Sheriff, don’t you think? Clearly, the Sheriff has a hidden agenda.

    2. Johnny doesn’t see any sign of a grizzly living there. What could that be in a place consisting mostly of rocks? A clothes line? Recycle bins? Bear poop? And what could Johnny hope to see in what is supposed to be a storm. At night.

    3. Why would a bear live in a cave filled with pits? Animal it may be, but I don’t imagine that this is the kind of cave a bear would take a liking to.

    4. So, if Johnny grew up around here, how come he is a stranger to this cave? Or is he…? Is he leading the Sheriff on?

    5. Are we going to see Mark suddenly show up with the two original miscreants all tied up and then have to endure a recitation of the events that unfolded off-Strip?

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