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Wind Horse? Horse Winds?

This is just getting weird.


The Horses are all freaking out due to the wind?  The wind has them?  What about the humans?  Are they impervious to the effects of the Tornadic Gusts?  Two references (thank you Google…) Windhorse and Horse Latitudes, is the best I can come up with…  I will let you read up on those… interesting.

And why, for the love of Mike, are you directing your captors to safety, Mark?  It’s your General Good Nature I guess…  Ahem… is there a writer in the house?  This “story” is in need of direction…

5 thoughts on “Wind Horse? Horse Winds?

  1. It is painful to watch Mark protecting his captors instead of escaping, though the image of Blondie being bucked off her horse onto her back is pretty good. Perhaps he will give her a massage in the tunnel and set up the “I am a happily married man” line?

  2. The storm’s wind? Is there some “other” wind sneaking into the strip that we don’t know about? Maybe a tornado will suddenly form and suck up the horses as they look on in (safe) horror. Or, if we’re lucky, it will take Blondie and Baldy, as well. But then, what a let-down for The Sheriff that would be.

  3. Dennis
    Wow! How do you come up with those links?! I read a bit on the windhorse. I’m thinking it might be a bit too high-brow of an allusion for this particular strip. But you’re spot-on about Trail: The storm must have warped his mind. So here is an idea for an interesting link:

    Give Cherry the ability to read about what Mark is doing by reading the comic strip in the newspaper. We cut to her once every two weeks to see her relating the events to Rusty and her Dad. The link: This was a hook in the “Burns and Allen” tv show, where George would go upstairs, turn on the TV and watch what Gracie and company were doing. Talk about surrealistic!

    • I like that! A little breaking of the 4th wall? Maybe even Mark commenting to us, the beleaguered readers, that he’s as sick of this aimlessness as we are…

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