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And still we don’t know their names…

The look on Mark’s face in panel one is priceless.  Slack-jawed disbelief in the fact that a person could value money over another person!


But what the hell is he doing in the third panel?  Getting ready to fly??  Doing his Clark Kent turns into Superman routine?  Or channeling Fezzik from the Princess Bride?

4 thoughts on “And still we don’t know their names…

  1. I don’t get it: Mortal danger outside or not? Frightened horses or not? And what’s with the “hang on lady!” routine? Hang on for what reason? She’s on the ground! Does Mark expect an earthquake? An explosion? And like you, I continue to be flabbergasted by Mark’s ongoing concern about their safety. Trail’s apparently gone native and suffering from Stockholm Syndrome. I’m sure down the road Baldie’s defense attorney will undermine Trail’s legal position by getting him arrested with the other two as an accomplice, based on how helpful he has been this entire adventure.

    And what about those two hick G-Men? Are they still wimping out in the confines of their office, afraid to get their shoes wet?

    Finally, how come Baldy and/or Blondie have not yet dispatched Mark? They are at the location they apparently wanted to get to, so why do they need this lunkhead any longer?

  2. George:

    You raise some legitimate questions. But think you may be missing the greater mystery here.

    Recall that Baldy (and Blondie) picked up Mark at the airport car rental at random and hitched their wagon to his ferret-driven ghost town expedition – all without any coordination with their bank-job accomplice from the alley where we were first introduced to the cast of characters. So what the hell does traveling to a ghost town on horseback have to do with making their escape with the loot from the heist? How could any of this possibly be part of a clever getaway plan?

    And what ever became of the nemesis from Africa that was apparently winging his way back to the States to take revenge upon Mark?

    I wait with bated breath to find out just how all these loose ends are tied together. All I can figure is that the narrative will be interrupted by a cutaway to a news flash ala Firesign Theatre, returning us to the story just in time to hear Nick Danger get a wry compliment from Detective Bradshaw on wrapping up the convoluted case so neatly.

    • Richard,
      Right you are. There are soooo many loose ends in this so-called story, that it is as if Allen is using some type of surrealistic free-association style of composing.

      Let’s see, what else:
      How about Ms Whats-her-face, the gal whose account Mark used to rent a car, and for which Mark took some sadistic glee? Was that little sidebar with her boss just put in to get a cheap laugh, a la Monty Python (”and it’s from here we go to Africa…”)?

      Ahh, Fireside Theater. I sure did like their records. Thanks for the reminder!

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